Krista Atkinson
Booking Coordinator

Krista grew up in Southern Illinois where the cows and corn are plentiful. As soon as she possibly could she got out of all that fresh air to pursue the life of a Chicago city gal. Don’t let her classy outfits and heels fool you– she has a potty-mouth! Divorce, d**k pics, dating and dashed dreams: it’s all fair game for this brassy, brazen, bawdy blonde who has lived a full life and has a lot to say about it.

Krista is a co-producer of Just Dickin’ Around, a women-run, queer-friendly comedy collective that creates supportive, empowering open mics and showcases for female comedians. She has performed at Zanies Comedy Clubs, Laugh Factory, Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, Second City, The Lincoln Lodge, Comedy Sportz, Stage 773, The Playground Theatre, The Book Cellar with The Kates, The Greenhouse Theatre, has toured LA on the JDA Does LA Tour, and toured the mid-west on the Rainbow Connections Comedy Tour.

In addition to being a comic rock star, Krista is also a voice over artist, as well as a trained theatrical, film and commercial actress. In between all of these performances, she manages to write a successful blog detailing her work with and love of senior citizens. Krista wears many hats, because she looks good in hats. Let her try on one of your hats and book her for your next project! More at www.KristaAtkinson.com!BCC_Mack

Mack Dihle

Social Media Coordinator                          

Mack Dihle (pronounced “Deel”), a Detroit native, can be found in Chicago blues scenes playing trumpet and patrolling the streets as an officer at night. She is making a splash as an androgynous model collaborates with musicians to make comedic musical videos. On Twitter at @MackDihle and Facebook. More at www.MackDihle.com.



McMullen Pruett
Performer SupportBCC_McMullen

McMullen comes to Chicago by way of PG County, Maryland and New Mexico, cutting his comedy teeth on open mics in D.C. and the college campuses of Santa Fe. That mix of the East Coast and the Wide Open West has informed his comedic taste buds as he’s come to rest in the middle of the country. He specializes in comedy of the intellectually absurd, things in our mind and society that seem reasonable at first glance but which break down into preposterous nonsense the longer and more steadily they’re looked at. He’s tremendously excited to be helping build Brass Chuckles into the juggernaut of the Chicago comedy scene that it’s bound to be, right alongside YOU, whether you’re a performer or an audience member. If you’re a performer, as point person for BCC, he’ll tell you what you need to know and he’ll lead you to the green room and the water (but he can’t make you drink). If you’re an audience member, he’ll be the guy in either the back row or the front genuinely enjoying himself at the best show in Chicago that Wednesday or any other day has to offer.


Brass Chuckles Comedy Creator
Website and Design

Tamale is a stand up comedian and interdisciplinary performer who travels internationally with her fierce eyebrows. Voted runner-up for Chicago’s Best Stand Up Comedian for The Reader, Tamale is a regular at The Laugh Factory, Zanies Comedy Clubs, and countless local and national showcases. She’s been featured in national Comedy festivals, such as the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival and international Festivals like the Dublin Lesbian Arts Festival, where she was the International Guest of Honor. A cast member of the groundbreaking R.E.A.C.H. (Risky Eclectic Artist Comedy Hour) at Second City, Tamale is an alumni of the Second City Conservatory Program. She’s also a graduate of I.O. Chicago and Annoyance Theater and created a unique improvised show incorporating the creation, presentation, and performer interpretation of tiny hats called Tiny Hat Time. Before she recently turned her focus to producing Brass Chuckles weekly, Tamale also helped to launch and proudly co-produced the amazing showcase and open mic, Just Dickin’ Around.

She travels the world far and wide as a comedian and gender performer, co-producing the internationally touring gender performance group, the Windy City Blenders. Tamale is one the few members who has been on every one of their tours, traveling to Canada and Europe, then booking side tours of her own in Germany, Italy, Ireland, and more. She loves performing burlesque and drag, fire dancing and belly dancing, and often incorporates them into her comedy. She is currently working on another one woman show, based on her experience of finding a two-way mirror in a bathroom, documenting it in a video that went viral, and the subsequent change in the law around privacy violation that followed.

With a BS in Agricultural Education and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media, her comedy occupies a wide spectrum, but never disappoints. Tamale also loves to shoot guns, skydive, and ride her giant motorcycle with an eyelash …because she has a lot to prove. Check her out at www.TamaleRocks.com and around town as she rides (often in costumes) with her pals in Bikes and Mics!

Amber Ray SnyderAmber
Social Media Co-Coordinator

Amber does not do stand up and is only funny when someone else is writing the jokes. She has performed with various theatre companies in Texas, Iowa, Tennessee, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and South Korea. In Chicago, she has completed the Protege Program with the Shattered Globe Theatre, made her Chicago performance debut as Velma in Pursuit Production’s silent play, The Boxer and played Miss Hodge in Pride Films and Plays production of Design for Living. Some of her regional credits include The Glass Menagerie, Into the Woods (Playhouse on the Square), Fox on the Fairway, Miss Nelson is Missing, Don’t Hug Me (The Old Creamery Theatre), and A Christmas Carol (Nebraska Theatre Caravan). While you can find her trying to rock Brass Chuckles through social media, you can also find her behind the scenes with PFP, helping produce LezPlay events.